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01 "Just Another Day at The Red Carpet" DVD (Compilation of songs with video and photos) + Wooden Case = IDR 100K   08 Red Carpet Coaster Square Large 16.5cm x 16.5cm = IDR 35K
02 Red Carpet Champagne Napkin 30cm x 30cm = IDR 50K   09 Red Carpet Salt & Pepper Mill = IDR 195K
03 Martini Glass ( 1 set) = IDR 260K   10 Red Carpet Ashtray = IDR 300K
04 Red Carpet Beer Bucket, metal handle with ice cube tong = IDR 100K   11 Red Carpet Coaster Square Medium 11.5cm x 11.5cm = IDR 25K
05 Red Carpet and Moet & Chandon Champagne Glass = IDR 99K   12 Red Carpet Coaster Square Small 9cm x 9cm (4 pcs) = IDR 60K
06 Glass Candle Holder, 3/4 matt = IDR 250K   13 Red Carpet Coaster Round Small 9cm x 9cm (4 pcs) = IDR 60K
07 Red Carpet Hand Towel Square 30cm x 30cm = IDR 90K   14 Ice Cube Light, Red Color = IDR 50K

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About Us

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Without a doubt, Red Carpet Champagne Bar is among the favorite drinking spots and social hangouts of countless local expats and returning visitors to Bali - and for good reason...
[Absolute Bali Magazine]

Located in the heart of Seminyak on the bustling Jalan Kayu Aya (Jl Oberoi), a steady flow of foot-traffic and buzzing of word-of-mouth has kept the place thriving since it opened in 2009 - and turned it into something of a Seminyak icon. The joint is cozy & intimate, with a splash of sexy. As one might expect of a "champagne bar," there is a sort of up-market exclusive feel - yet the atmosphere remains light, playful and casually fun, as one might guess by the ever-so-cute signature staff outfits the place is known for (which people are known to either LOVE for the costumes' adorability, or hate due to their own reservedness)...

The bar can proudly boast to be home to Asia’s largest champagne collection, with well over a hundred bottles on the menu. Ranging from 1.3 million IDR for the bottle of their best-selling Moet or for 230K IDR by the glass, all the way up to $3400 bottle of 1990 Cristal - they are sure to have in stock both the most popular of brands as well as a few obscure selections to surprise even the most distinguishing connoisseurs. A generous selection of wines, spirits, and unique cocktails also fill the drink menu, for those without a taste for the bubbly or perhaps thinner wallets; (though in the spirit of maintaining a standard of quality clientele, does NOT include Bintang... you're going to have to go a tad bit classier here).

Those who might enjoy a good cigar along with their glass of sparkling need not worry about bringing their own - the folks here are looking after you, and have a special cigar menu as well. Surely not as extensive as their champagne list - though, enough to please, with a variety of Cohibas, Davidoff’s, and Indonesian stogies. 

The establishment is not known as a restaurant - however a visit here without sampling some of the items off the food menu would be a shame, as the chef's creations on well on-par with any of those on the island offering 5-star fine dining. A random choice of their over-200 canapé’s are brought around throughout the night to whet your appetite - compliments of the house - yet, these bite-sized munchies are only scratching the surface of what wonders await your mouth here...

Just as some define cheese to be the perfect complement to wine - others will insist oysters to be the perfect complement to wine... And, Red Carpet Champagne Bar DOES oysters - to perfection!!! They provide a choice of three styles to indulge your taste buds in some of the best edible delights the sea has to offer. The Caesar salad has also been said to be legendary - and for pasta-lovers, the simply-named "Angelhair Pasta" is a to-die-for must-try.

And of course, management here has included a winning-soundtrack as part of their success formula. The musical library here contains a wide variety of familiar, feel-good 70s, 80s, and 90s hits - and all delivered complete with the original music videos to amp up the entertainment factor. Forget the house DJs and live musical acts - the sound here is geared to please customers of all age-groups and keep the fun alive.

At Red Carpet Champagne Bar, customer service comes first - and, great attention goes into the littlest of details to ensure guests the highest quality of experience. The staff functions as a tightly-knit team, loyal to the company and client. They are taken good care of by the owners - provided ongoing training twice a week, health care, English lessons, and highly competitive wages - it's made sure the staff takes the utmost excellent care of customers. From the warm, smile-accompanied greetings complete with a glass of fresh ice water and cold towel (which are regularly refreshed during your visit), to the rather extravagant servings of champagne bottles - delivered with mini-fireworks by the whole team of ladies, photographed for you to take home as a souvenir - no minor detail of the experience has been overlooked, ensuring guests an outstanding time. Staying true to the name of the place, the "red carpet treatment" is a key element of the bar's success - and a big reason people return time and time again. (Though, there IS, literally, a red carpet running its way through the front to back of the bar.)

Besides the classy drink and mouth-watering food, the bar also has a few extra 'goodies' you might be charmed into taking home with you... Ladies needing to visit the strategically-located "little-girls' room" have awaiting to discover a burlesque-ish boutique featuring an ultra-sexy collection of lingerie, perfume, and other seductive clothing items. Gentlemen interested in browsing are asked to do so accompanied by one of the lovely hostesses – and are sure to be intrigued and inspired. A stunning escape well-capable of stimulating a host of fantasies and artistically-naughty desires, the boutique alone is well-worth a trip here.


There's something special about this unique, homegrown operation that makes it a must-visit while here in Bali. Whether you're looking for some real "red carpet treatment" or just an exceptionally great place to kick back for a few drinks in a wonderful environment, there may be no better option in Seminyak for your next night out than Red Carpet Champagne Bar...


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 We have a Boutique upstairs!
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