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Food & Drink Menu

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Delicious Cuisine

Proudly we present our Red Carpet’s Chef  & Kitchen Team, who are internationally trained in several High-end and Michelin starred restaurants. Our professional kitchen team daily prepares delicious food for every taste. The menu features a selection of prime quality and imported meats and market fresh seafood. Try some of our homemade dishes made from freshest ingredients available.


Bon appétit!

Champagne & Wines

We are very proud to present a very wide selection of the best imported wines and over 150 different Vintage Champagnes. Always eight or more wines by the glass. The only place in Bali where you can order a glass of Real Champagne!

Red Carpet Champagne bar has created Asia’s largest Champagne collection in a setting where guests can also enjoy Caviar, fresh Oysters and other luxuries.

More than 50% of all Champagne in Indonesia is sold in The Red Carpet Champagnebar!

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