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Where do you find the most delicious Oysters in Bali?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

As the caption already mentioned, where do you find the most delicious Oysters in Bali? In case you didn’t know, Red Carpet Champagnebar is the place to get the best Oysters in Bali, for already more than 11 years! And to celebrate this, we have a special Oyster promo for you.

In Indonesia it is not allowed to import Oysters anymore, but for the Red Carpet that is not a problem! Because already many years ago we found the best Oysters in a cold-water stream near South East Java. Here you will find the best Indonesian Oyster farm where they cultivate delicious Pacific Oysters, that are daily fresh delivered to Red Carpet in Bali for you to enjoy. Four Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Oysters!

1. Humans have been eating Oysters since Prehistoric times.

Old dumpsters for domestic waste testify this in New South Wales, Australia dated at 10.000 years! And have been cultivated in Japan from at least 2.000 BC.

2. NYC used to be the place to eat Oysters

When the Dutch first arrived in Manhattan during the 17th century, the island was covered in Oyster beds, and Oysters were a treat they and the native population of Lenape Indians enjoyed.

When more settlers came in and New York grew as a city, so did the consumption of this popular mollusc. By the 19th century, the oyster beds in New York Harbor were the largest source of Oysters worldwide. In NYC you could get raw oysters from street vendors or go to Oyster saloons and find Oysters cooked in all sorts of ways. Unfortunately, this obsession with the Oyster caused mass destruction to the Oyster beds, and they were almost wiped out and today the days of having the streets of Manhattan glistening with shells is long gone.

3. Oysters have many health benefits.

Oysters are an excellent source of zinc (2 Oysters already provide the daily amount of zinc & vitamin B), iron, calcium and selenium, as well as vitamin A & B.

They are low in food energy, if you eat one dozen raw Oysters it provides only 110 kilo-calories but are rich in protein.

4. Traditionally, Oysters are considered to be an Aphrodisiac.

Before you take this statement too far .... no, you will not get turned on by eating an Oyster. However, this sexy bivalve packs a wallop of zinc, which is great for making you feel good and keeping up your energy. Not only does the zinc boost your sex drive, but it also ups your immune.

5. Oysters & Champagne, a match made in Heaven.

They are icons of glamor and pleasure, a perfect combination that has been a classic since the nineteenth century.

Champagne pairs so well with seafood, as it has its roots (literally) in what once was the sea. You can often taste hints of these mineral notes (that some describe as “saline-tinged minerality” or “Oyster-shell”) in Champagne. Two jewels of gastronomy where pleasure is the key element in this deliberate combination. More than enough reason to come to the Red Carpet Champagnebar in Bali and enjoy delicious Oysters with a bottle of Champagne or a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

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