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Brora whisky in Red Carpet Champagne bar!

Did you know that Red Carpet has the biggest & most rare Single Malt Whisky collection in Bali ?

We are proud to introduce to you from that collection our ‘’Silver Seal, Pure Highland Malt, Single Barrel – Brora, 1982, 19y’’

This rare pearl is Distilled at the BRORA Distillery in March 1982 and is produced like most Whisky’s at Brora after 1973 in the lightly Highland style.

It’s one of the first-ever releases from acclaimed Italian independent bottler Silver Seal.

It was bottled in Scotland in September 2001 at 19 years of age and is 1 of 280 bottles released!

After 200 years in 1983 the distillery was mothballed and Brora whisky has become one of the most rare and desired whisky’s in the world.

Red Carpet would like to invite you and your friends to enjoy our wide range Single Malt collection.

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